Selected Abstracts (Posters)

Abstracts selected for a poster presentation


Achaz Guillaume Why is diversity so low within the species?
Agarwal Ipsita Signatures of replication timing, recombination and sex in the spectrum of rare variants on the human X chromosome and autosomes
Ait Kaci Azzou Sadoune A New Isolation with Migration Model using whole-genome sequences
Alissa Severson Mathematical properties of coalescence times in a diploid model of a consanguineous population
Angeles-Albores David Genetics is an active learning algorithm for causal reconstruction of biological networks
Barata Carolina Bait-ER: A Moran model for experimental evolution studies
Baumdicker Franz Detecting gene transfer within bacterial populations
Besenbacher Soren Improved prediction of site-specific mutation rates using k-mer pattern partition
Biller Priscila Which birth-death models can account for competition in phylogenetic trees?
Bodde Marilou Elastic net approach to spatially informed modelling of genetic variation
Borges Rui Bayesian polymorphism-aware phylogenetic models accounting for allelic selection
Caduff Madleina Inferring Genotype-Environment Associations from Low-Depth Sequencing Data
Carlson Jedidiah Assessing the impact of demography and multinucleotide mutations on reference-free archaic admixture inference methods
Cheng Wei Epsilon-Genic Effects Bridge the Gap Between Polygenic and Omnigenic Complex Traits
Cole Christopher Evidence for a Paleolithic Back-to-Africa Migration
Davies Robert Imputation of mother and fetus from sequence
Dewitt William Inferring mutation spectrum histories from sample frequency spectra
Dutheil Julien Toward more realistic sequentially Markov coalescent models
Eriksson Anders Reconstructing complex evolutionary and demographic histories
Fadil Chaimaa Estimating the conditional risk of psoriatic arthritis in the UK Biobank
Freyman Will Fast and accurate identity-by-descent inference despite haplotype and phasing errors
Gewirtz Ariel Identifying eQTLs from Single-Cell RNA-seq Using a Topic Modeling Framework
Gibling Heather Accurate genotyping in polymorphic repetitive loci using k-mer count profiles
Gladstein Ariella Demographic Model Selection with Deep Learning
Goldberg Michael E. Evolution of germline mutation rate in great apes
Gower Graham Detecting archaic adaptive introgression using convolutional neural networks.
Hanghoej Kristian Fast and accurate relatedness estimation from high-throughput sequencing data in the presence of inbreeding
Hayati Maryam Predicting the short-term success of human influenza A variants with machine learning
Herbach Ulysse Modeling dynamics of circulating tumor DNA for detecting resistance to targeted therapies: a phylogenetic approach
Hubert Jean-Noel Identification of rare variants predisposing to kidney cancer
Iasi Leonardo Nicola Martin Evaluating Neandertal admixture time estimates
Jewett Ethan An efficient method for inferring pedigrees
Kerdoncuff Elise A fast genome chopper to detect strong species decline.
Landen Gozashti A systematic search for introner elements
Latrille Thibault Inferring fluctuating population size and selection with phylogenetics codon models
Lefranc Alexandre Leverage pleiotropic effects from genome-wide association studies using frequentist and Bayesian sparse group models
Link Vivian Go low with ATLAS: maximizing population genetic insight from minimal sequencing depth
Lohse Konrad Demographically explicit scans for genetic barriers
Muller Rebekka The Impact of Population Demography on the Joint Allele Frequency Spectrum of Closely Related Species
Magee Andrew Flexible Markov random field priors for birth-death phylogenetic tree models
Maretty Lasse SigNet: Identifying mutational processes in cancer using neural networks
Mathe-Hubert Hugo How the quantitative genetics toolbox can help evolutionary physiology? A case study of the parasitoid wasp venom.
Meisner Jonas Testing for Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium in structured populations using genotype or low‐depth next generation sequencing data
Mostafavi Hakhamanesh Variable prediction accuracy of polygenic scores within an ancestry group
Mugal Carina Farah Using time-dependent Poisson random field models for polymorphism-aware expression of dN/dS
Nelson Dominic Whole-genome simulations within population-scale pedigrees
Noskova Ekaterina Genetic algorithm for demographic inference from the allele frequency spectrum
Otto Moritz Estimating Coalescent Root-Subtrees
Pazokitoroudi Ali Efficient variance components analysis across millions of genomes
Peyregne Stephane Modeling ancient DNA damage to estimate present-day DNA contamination
Popli Divyaratan Estimation of relatedness in ancient populations
Pouyet Fanny What generates diversity in regions of low recombination?
Racimo Fernando New models to infer spatiotemporal patterns of adaptation and migration
Ragsdale Aaron Inferring deep population structure in Africa using linkage disequilibrium
Ralph Peter Fast computation and duality for tree sequence statistics
Reyna Carlos An improved recalibration model for accurately estimating genetic diversity from low and ancient sequencing data
Rodrigue Nicolas Site-specific detection of adaptive evolution in protein-coding DNA using a Bayesian mutation-selection model
Romero Raphael Using positional information for predicting transcription factor binding sites
Sannerud Jens Distinguishing pedigree relationships using multi-way identity by descent sharing and sex-specific genetic maps
Sarkar Abhishek Common pitfalls in the analysis of scRNA-seq data
Shchur Vladimir ngsPSMC: genotype likelihood-based PSMC for analysis of low coverage NGS data
Shi Sinan A 100,000 Genome Project haplotype reference panel
Silvestre-Ryan Jordi Decoding of Neural Network Basecallers for Nanopore Sequencing
Skov Laurits Distinguishing signals of admixture from demography
Speidel Leo Evidence of deep-lineages in African genealogies
Spence Jeffrey Deep imputation of tensors with structural missingness via exchangeability
Spill Yannick Bayesian interaction and difference detection in Hi-C data using generalized additive models and fused lasso
Thornlow Bryan Modeling maintenance of functional redundancy using tRNA genes
Tsambos Georgia Efficient simulation of introgression, admixture and local ancestry
Tutert Marcus From Summary Statistics to Individual Level Data: Correcting for Genetic Drift within GWAS
Williams Amy L. UK Biobank participants that moved 20 km from their birthplace have on average higher socioeconomic status and improved health
Wong Yan Inferring tree sequences from large DNA datasets: problems and solutions
Zhou Jessica A novel statistical method for identifying combinatorial regulatory elements via deconvolution of multiplexed CRISPR regulatory screens in single-cells
Remi Tournebize Using two-loci statistics for inferring the properties of recent bottlenecks and founder events in human history
Harald Ringbauer Inferring runs of homozygosity from low coverage (ancient) DNA data
Flora Jay Bits to Bases: Using Generative Models to Produce Synthetic Genetic Data
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