Selected Abstracts (Talks)

Abstracts selected for an oral presentation


Ang Houle Armande  Quantifying the Pre-Tumour and Tumour Evolutionary Processes From High Coverage Sequencing Data
Arthur Zwaenepoel  Inference of ancient whole genome duplications and the evolution of the gene duplication and loss rate
Caggiano Christa  Comprehensive estimation of the tissue of origin of circulating cell-free DNA
Chan Jeffrey  Exchangeable Variational Autoencoders for Genomic Data
De Maio Nicola  The Cumulative Indel Model: fast and accurate statistical evolutionary alignment
Dukler Noah  Phylogenetic modeling of epigenetic mark turnover uncovers genomic features that drive cis-regulatory evolution
Everitt Richard  Improving inference of homologous recombination using state-of-the-art computational methods
Fiaux Patrick  Identifying novel regulatory elements using RELICS, a statistical framework for the analysis of CRISPR regulatory screens
Frank Max  Identification of complex methylation changes across developmental lineages using single-cell multi-omics
Friedlander Eric  Leveraging chromosomal linkage to infer natural selection from full-genome sequencing data
Gabitto Mariano  Characterizing chromatin landscape from aggregate and single-cell genomic assays using flexible duration modeling.
Hayward Laura  The effects of pleiotropy on polygenic adaptation
Huang Yuanhua  Bayesian deconvolution of somatic clones and pooled individuals with expressed variants in single cells
Jay Flora, Francois Olivier  Bayesian Factor Analysis for the Inference of Population Genetic Structure from Temporal Samples
Jiang Xilin  How genetic risk for common disease changes with age
Kern Andrew  Inferring the landscape of recombination using recurrent neural networks
Kosiol Carolin  New features for polymorphism-aware phylogenetic models
Lambert Amaury  The genomic view of diversification
Mahmoudi Ali  Inference under the exact coalescent with recombination
Milligan William  Can mutation-selection-drift balance on modifiers of mutation explain variation in mutation rates among human populations?
Mo Ziyi  A deep-learning approach for detecting selective sweeps based on the ancestral recombination graph
Peter Benjamin  Transient Selection on Introgressed Neandertal Alleles in Early Modern Humans
Qiao Ying  Reconstructing the genotypes of parents from siblings and close relatives
Rice Daniel  Modeling the Spatial Distributions of Rare Deleterious Alleles
Schrider Daniel  Accurately detecting selective sweeps and adaptive introgression from time-series data
Slim Lotfi  kernelPSI: a powerful post-selection inference framework for nonlinear association testing in genome-wide association studies
Turchin Michael  Differential complex trait architecture across humans: epistasis identified in non-European populations at multiple genomic scales
Verma Archit  Bayesian nonparametric integration of multiple single-cell RNA-seq experiments
Weghorn Donate  Probabilistic approaches to inference of mutation rate and selection in cancer
Wei Xinzhu  Ongoing purifying and overdominant selection in the human genome
Wohns Anthony  Genealogical Inference from Thousands of Ancient and Modern Samples
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